Week 2 and progress is being made!

I will make this update of the blog quick and sweet..

This week I followed the YouTube introduction to the Mean Stack (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node) to get prepared for next year.  I followed the tutorial where I first set up the front end for the twitter clone called ‘chirp’.  I was guided along with these tasks help of the Microsoft evangelists, that were the very good tutors in this video and so far I have got through the front end, middle and back end stuff so far, next week I will be following the tutorial on how to connect all these pieces together.   I have done a project before in MongoDB so there wasn’t much learning for me to do regards making the back end.


I will update next week with a bigger post, I will go through how I got on finishing the tutorial and on my research regarding what I want to do for my fourth year project………. Also the results for my ordinary degree comes out next Tuesday.


Night folks.


FA cup draw happened today!

Manchester Uniteds team for the fourth round of the FA cup was made today and we were drawn with Swansea.

Arsenal were drawn against Tottenham Hotspurs which could make for an interesting derby.


If you want to read anymore about the draw read here


Manchester United v the might Newcastle United …………………

Manchester United went into the match yesterday after a loss at Everton and now going up against Newcastle which was a must win match really.  Guess what? we lost.

Robin Van Persie started which was a surprised with him back from injury but he did nothing.  Newcastle just played the better game which shouldn’t happen against a team like Newcastle in the theatre of dreams.  


We ended up losing this match by a goal again and that put last years champions down to ninth place in the league.  David Moyes got a sarcastic standing ovation from the United fans.  I think the manager could be out of his depth in a club of the magnitude of Unitd.  The fact that he brought on Anderson with 10 minutes left to try and get a goal is ridiculous.

So basically United are screwed this season a  and basically have no chance of winning anything, hopefully we can come in top four and get place in Europe next year at least.


There is some weird news going around that United tried to spend 100 million on Gareth Bale and all I can say is thank god we were more sensible or weren’t able to sign him because 100 million for a player that has had two good seasons! you would have to be drunk.  

There is also a rumour that we are in for Iniesta come January after him falling out with his manager at the Nou Camp which would really help out mid field worries, since our signing of Fellani probably cause more problems at the club than solved.


I recently downloaded a new app for my new android phone which really helps keeping up with all the latest united transfer news if you want to check it out its at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.phobos.android.manutd&hl=en .

Tottenham v Manchester United!!

Manchester United got lucky today in my opinion we went behind twice and came back each time, we even needed a penalty at one stage to come back which was a lucky penalty.  With Robin Van Persie still injured we were dependent on Wayne Rooney for goals which he did supply and Kagawa got a game after his brilliant display in against Bayern.  Kagaway had a decent game again today, he is supply the support that United’s strikers have been missing the past few weeks.  

Overall I reckon we needed to win today to be in with a chance at the league but the way we played I would have taken a draw with both hands.  So I am happy enough with today’s football especially with the fact that history was made today with Hull beating Liverpool for the first time ever in any stadium.  Only two points between Liverpool and United now.

Make sure to look out for United playing Everton in mid week football for the first time this season on Wednesday night.

Cardiff v Manchester!

So today started off with expectations of three points coming back to Old Trafford and thats the way It nearly was.  The great Manchester started very well with an early goal to put us ahead, but before half time they had scored to equalise and we had also scored so half time was 2-1.

In the second half we were terrible and Cardiff were all over us really, they came back and drew level with one minute left which was a bit sickening.

Today has proven that United can play very well but slip up when they are ahead to often.  So a point is better than nothing I suppose. 

Talk to you all mid-week when United play against Bayern in the Champions League.

Cardiff v Manchester United.

The big game is on today, well it feels like a big game after United starting a good run of form and having to wait two weeks to play again because of international breaks.  We play at four O’clock today, which is very exciting because some of the teams above us dropped points yesterday like Liverpool for example.


Now todays match is being played in Cardiff which is our legend Ryan Giggs home city which he has never played in so expect him to feature somewhere today (unfortunately he is to old these days).  In other news Carrick and RVP is injured today so that doesn’t look good for us there.

With a few player’s injured and Cardiff being unfamiliar grounds for us I think we will win but not easily at all. 

I will go for a tricky 1-3 to United but as I say only time will tell…